Youth Development

More than 50% of the South African population consist of youth and recent statistics indicate that we have one of the youngest youth populations in the world. Large portions of our youth are faced with major social challenges ranging from literacy, numeracy, unemployment, substance abuse, teenage pregnancies etc.

Our youth development programmes include:

  • Life skills programmes.
  • Entrepreneurial programmes.
  • Peer Education programmes (HIV/AIDS and Substance Abuse)
  • Leadership and developmental programmes.
  • Literacy and numeracy programmes.
  • Positive behaviour and Anti – bullying programmes.
  • Positive behaviour - anger management programmes.
  • Orphans and Vulnerable Children programmes.
  • Character Transformation programmes.
  • Community Outreach programmes.
  • Teen age pregnancy prevention and empowerment programmes.
  • Representative Council of Learners (RCL) programmes.
  • Environmental educational programmes.